Wengi wajitokeza Kujiandikisha kwa mfumo wa BVR

Imewekwa: 2015-04-22 15:21:06

“Citizens have shown a great response on the registration; we did not expect the number of people to be this high. This is the response we expect to meet in other regions,” Pinda said.

In his speech, Pinda has urged citizens to register because BRV machines are modern and have already been used in various countries.

“Mali, Guinea and Liberia have used this system with the reason of increasing efficiency and finding better results…Tanzania has the same objective of getting better results,” he said.

Pinda has also urged youths who are above 18 years to register so that they can start to enjoy their right of voting for referendum and later vote for the leaders they want.

Speaking about problems with BVR machines especially on fingerprint detection, NEC chairman Judge Damian Lubuva said the commission will find a way to solve that challenge soon so that the same challenge could not affect other regions.
Registration started on Monday in 87 stations of 11 wards in Makambako town and will last for seven days.